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What Is BSU?

Black Student Unions ( BSUs ) are established on high school and college campuses to help African and African Americans students thrive . BSUs are committed to simulating students' intellectual , political , and social growth through academics , community service , and outreach . We provide an opportunity for students of all races to celebrate black culture, lifestyle, and history .

The History and Goal of BSUs 

Born out of Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s , the first organization to call itself a Black Student Union started at San Francisco State University ( SFSU ) in 1996 . The BSU promotes unity and beneficial change on campus and can act as a liaison between students and the administration . Each BSU seeks to provide a space for all students to learn and share knowledge about African/African American/Black populations to help bring down cultural barriers and stereotypes that have plagued the population for centuries .

Student in Library

LEAD and the AAFCC Support BSUs 

The Leadership in Equity Action and Development Project (LEAD) contributes to BSU organizations by offering training and events to teach members how to become advocates for change in their communities. Advocates help educate their community on ways to increase health and wellness-especially by sharing information on the health benefits of avoiding tobacco use . The African American Family and Cultural Center's mission is to empower and embrace African American families and communities by reclaiming , restoring, and revitalizing our cultural heritage , values , and identity .

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