At the African American Family & Cultural Center, our team of professional staff members are intent on giving you the best educational, cultural, & fitness experience we can provide. Our staff guarantees excellence in all they do & go the extra mile to cater to your specific needs. We are highly grateful for our committed staff — without them, our community center wouldn’t be the place we all know and love.


As a long-term resident of the southside Oroville area, Tiffany loves her community and loves to give back. She has a huge passion for helping people overcome all of their life‘s hurts and more. She is a big advocate for change and knows that it begins with herself. Her mission is to help one person at a time, and always love the person in front of her. Her primary goal is to see her community heal and prosper. Tiffany loves comeback stories because she has her own.

Tiffany McCarter

Executive Director


A long-time resident of South Oroville, Cissy spent the majority of her life calling this community her home. Her passion for working at the African American Family & Cultural Center comes from being a community member who has wanted change for this area for years. She believes in the mission of the AAFCC as well as the people of Southside.

Cissy Smith 

Assistant Director 


Originally from Indianapolis, IN. United States Army Veteran. Indiana Wesleyan University Alumni. Center for Leadership and Development Alumni. 100 Black Men Beutillion Alumni, Award-Winning Spoken Word Artist. Daelin joined the center in hopes of learning and having a positive impact on the community. 

Daelin Whitaker

Project Coordinator


Marlowe Hatchett

Social Media Ambassador

Marlowe Hatchett graduated in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. As the social media ambassador, she seeks to create awareness of the AAFCC and it's mission statement. 


Matthew Thomas

Peer Mentor