At the African American Family & Cultural Center, our team of professional staff members are intent on giving you the best educational, cultural, and fitness experience we can provide. Our staff guarantees excellence in all they do and go the extra mile to cater to your specific needs. We are highly grateful for our committed staff — without them, our community center wouldn’t be the place we all know and love. Contact us today and swing by for a visit.

Bobby Jones Sr.

Executive Director

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, Bobby is the youngest of 11. He moved to the Bay Area in California when he was a teenager with an older sibling and his family so he could have better opportunities and to finish high school. While in high school he played football for 2 years and was then recruited to play football for Chico State.  While at Chico State, Bobby obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. It seems that he has always worked in fields where he has been able to help people and he states that he really enjoys what he does. He has instilled in his three adult children that it is all about helping one another and being the best, most honest person you can be. Bobby and his wife reside in Oroville, and he gets to see a lot of the people whose lives he has come into contact with and it is very rewarding when he gets to see how far some of them have come. In his spare time he coaches football and basketball, and enjoys anything related to music. He enjoys flying his drone and helping children/young adults in any way possible. He is committed to working at the AAFCC because of its mission statement and what the company stands for as a whole. It is something that he very much believes in. He states that   “We have to uplift and help our community restore the values of teaching how to love yourself first, so you will then be able to love others.  The programs that the AAFCC offer can help the community do those things, and being that they are all free just shows how much we here at the AAFCC are helping the community.   We have seen it happen with the youth, from getting better grades and attitudes changing to the adults that have come out of jail, getting jobs, having a family and becoming productive citizens in the community. I believe that giving back to not only your community but anyone you come into contact with is something that one should do as an individual, but it is also something that the AAFCC does on a daily basis.”  

Program Manager

A long-time resident of South Oroville, Cissy spent the majority of her life calling this community her home. While raising her family in Southside, she stayed true to her kind and caring nature, always being respectful of others. Her passion for working at the African American Family & Cultural Center comes from being a community member who has wanted change for this area for years. She believes in the mission of the AAFCC as well as the people of Southside.

Cissy Smith

Office Coordinator 

Joshua Edwards has dedicated his time to changing the lives of others through music, photography and video. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and is looking to use his degree to continue to make a positive impact in his community. He believes that being at the AAFCC provides him with the opportunity to build up and strengthen our community. 

Cissy Smith

Community Engagement


Born in Sacramento, California, Chloe was raised most of her life in a small town called Browns Valley, CA. Shortly after she turned 12 years old, her parents decided to move to Oroville to be closer to their family. Being in a new community made her realize that helping the youth was something she wanted to do in the future. When she grows up she hopes to be a teacher and continue to help youth. For now though, Chloe really enjoys working with youth groups through the AAFCC, and hopes to be able to see the kids all grown up and graduated in the future. Also, it’s an amazing opportunity to become a role model for the youth. The AAFCC gave me a safe space to work with the youth and gain many new experiences for the future.

Peer  Mentor 

Wayne Crooks

Wayne Crooks is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 35 years of experience

in the field of mental health and social services. His tenure in the field includes work with children and adolescents, adults and couples. His experience includes working in correctional institutions, outpatient clinics, inpatient hospital, school based health programs, therapeutic foster care, residential treatment, online counseling and the coorporate setting. As a therapist Mr. Crooks has focused primarily on treating depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders and ADD/ADHD. Currently Mr. Crooks is the After School Helper in the Each 1 Teach 1 program at the African American Family & Cultural Center, a facilitator for the Alternatives to Violence Project, and a member of the board of directors for the Chico Peace Endeavor. 

Afterschool Helper 

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